The presenting problem is not always the issue.

I have been seeing a client recently who came for treatment for insomnia.  She had not slept for some considerable time – since, in fact, she came to live in England some 5 years ago.  During this time her husband had had a serious cycling accident which had affected her deeply and her relationship was at rock bottom.

During the first session I used the rewind technique to detraumatise the accident and also did some relaxation for the insomnia.  She slept well that night, although this has not continued but she has  dramatically revised her use of sleeping pills.

She did not come specifically to work on her relationship but, following the ensuing 2 sessions, she began to feel much happier, coming to the realisation that the mess of her life was not her fault.  Following her session this week – again a combined counselling and hypnotherapy session, she has sent me the following report:

I just have to tell you that you have made a massive impact on my life and last night was a real eye-opener!  I chatted to C for hours and our conversation was an eye-opener for him too, so Thank You!

It is so important to remember that, whatever the presenting issue, we must always listen carefully to what the client is not saying and help them to follow a new train of thought to see where it leads.  Be open and adaptable and the client will show you the way.