January, 2016


The pressure is rising……. No this isn’t the weather forecast! It’s a reminder that at this time of year our stress levels car soar. Year end deadlines to meet, family demands, weight gain over the Christmas period, feeling sluggish as you slip back into the old routine with weeks of short, dull days ahead before Spring.
If stress is allowed to build up, it can be damaging to both our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing. The good news is that, with a few simple techniques you can reduce anxiety and panic and bring at least a few moments of calm into your life every day.
One is simply to focus on your breathing for one minute. Breathe in and hold for a count of 6, then exhale slowly, letting the breath go. Just focus on this rhythm of the breath for 60 seconds, allowing it to absorb your thoughts and fill you with calm as tension ebbs away with each exhalation.
You can fine more tips to help you take just a minute to relax each day at my website, www.mindtochange.co.uk