José Penrose

Mind to Change

Weight control

Often when weight is out of control, I find my clients are eating to feed emotional need or to fill a gap in their lives, rather than simply indulging in too much of the wrong sort of food.

Through a combination of brief, solution focused counselling and hypnotherapy I will help you to develop a new, healthier relationship with food and enable you to control portion size, chose the healthy option and still enjoy treats, but in moderation.

Of course, hypnotherapy is extremely effective but it is not magic. I will need you to be committed to making a change, to be willing to take control of your weight ... and then ... put it out of your mind.

Together we will explore your own inner resources which will help you to reach your goal weight and size and maintain it from now on. You will no longer have to count every calorie. Nor will you feel deprived and hungry. You will have learned a new relationship with food.

You can step out on the road to successful weight control right now by deciding what is your goal weight or desired clothes size. Get a sense inside your head of what it will feel like when you’ve achieved that goal. How different will your life be? Who will be the first to notice?

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