May, 2015

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Today I’d like to talk about PTSD.

This is something that can affect many different people, not just soldiers, policemen and those in the front line of violence.

I have seen a client recently who suffered a serious sexual assault some 20 years ago from which she thought she had recovered but which has suddenly come back to haunt her.

The unwanted and intrusive memories are causing her to resort to hard drugs and involve herself in a highly charged sexual affair which is putting her happy marriage and family life at risk.

There is a simple technique – the Rewind technique or Fast Phobia Cure, also used in the treatment of phobias – which can quickly and simply reprocess these unwanted and intrusive memories and move them safely to the back of the brain where they can be referred to but no longer intrude on and cause problems in day to day life. Quite often just one session of Rewind can bring about a change.

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