February, 2015

Active listening – the presenting issue is not always the problem.

When seeing clients it’s important for me to remember that the presenting issue is not always the real problem.

Clients come along with a wide variety of different issues, from wanting to lose weight to insomnia, digestive problems or other physical symptoms such as headaches, back ache, tics and tremors.

Very often these are symptoms of something else – deep rooted stress or anxiety which causes us to emotionally eat, worry unnecessarily about things that may never happen or to become so tense that our adrenalin levels remain constantly high and our physical bodies rebel.

Of course, any physical symptoms need to be checked out with a medical practitioner but, as is often the case, no physical cause can be found then 2 or 3 sessions of relaxing hypnotherapy often solve the problem.

The great thing about hypnotherapy is that clients don’t have to voice or even sometimes be aware of the underlying issues.  The gentle deep relaxation of a hypnotherapy session can set them on the road to recovery and start a chain reaction of beneficial changes in their lives.