José Penrose

Mind to Change

Are you feeling stressed?

Weighed down, burdened, heavy heart.
Knot in your stomach, tense, anxious.
Irritable and unable to sleep.

Are these some of the words you use to describe how you are feeling right now? Do you find yourself unable to relax, your head spinning or feeling like it’s about to explode? Thoughts going round and round in your mind and your muscles becoming more and more tense with every revolution.

If any or all of these words and phrases seem familiar to you, you are almost certainly suffering from stress.

Stress can be caused by many factors. Pressure at work, personal issues such as a difficult relationship, a bereavement or family problems. Perhaps you are in a job you dislike but you are scared to make a move in the current uncertain financial climate.

Feeling unhappy and believing you have no choices – that you’re trapped – are common causes of stress. If stress is not addressed, it can lead to long term depression and physical symptoms such as raised blood pressure, panic attacks, upset stomach, inability to sleep and painful tension in muscles, particularly the neck and shoulders.

At Mind to Change we will enable you to relax deeply, improve your sleep patterns, explore your options in a calm and supportive environment and make positive changes for the better in your life.

We will also give you tools and teach you techniques you can use yourself to facilitate relaxation and let go of stress. Listen to Relax and Release now:

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