José Penrose

Mind to Change


Coaching is not concerned with what has happened in the past. It is totally focused on the present and where the client wants to be in the future. A skilled coach will not advise or instruct a client, but will help him to identify his own answers to a given situation and accept personal responsibility for taking the appropriate action to resolve that situation. The client will be required to report back to the coach on the actions taken.

Coaching is a powerful self-development tool and provides the necessary impetus for the client to follow through on the action plan he will draw up once he has clarified his goals. Coaching is a process designed to help the client sustain enthusiasm and motivation.

In this day and age family and friends are not always available to give support. Discussing problems with colleagues and friends is not always productive as they have their own agenda and their own view of the world and can’t always be relied upon to treat information in confidence. Coaching bridges the gap in a unique way.

The coach has no hidden agenda, operates totally confidentially, is never critical nor judgemental and has the skills and abilities to prompt the client to find the answers that lie within. The coach will encourage the client to take appropriate action that will move him closer to his defined goals or objectives.

Coaching can be carried out face to face, over the telephone, via Skype or by email.