June, 2016

Who are my clients?

I have already talked about the kind of problems I treat using hypnotherapy and brief, solution focused therapy. I thought It wold also be of interest to review the range of client groups I work with.

I see couples for relationship counselling, children from 5 years upwards, teenagers and young adults as well as adult and older individuals. Whether counselling or using hypnotherapy, I always work in a brief, solution focused way so that we can quickly get to the root of the problem and together work out a positive way forward.

Respect, empathy and the skill of active listening are key to a successful outcome.

So if you, your friends or family members need help and support, do get in touch with me: www.mindtochange.co.uk

Counselling Couples

Couples Counselling is a difficult proposition but can be very rewarding. It is not always about the couple finding a way forward with their relationship. It may be an exercise to help them achieve an amicable split.

The most common problem facing couples is poor communication. They have often fallen into the habit of never really listening to their partner or of second guessing what they believe the other is meaning to say, rather than taking the trouble to really listen and accept statements at face value.

This can happen because new circumstances often evoke old feelings, problems from way back that have never been resolved. This means that one partner can be harbouring a lot of unexpressed anger and resentment which they use an ammunition time after time and which stops any progress from being made. Maybe the problem stems from learned responses within the family of origin.

In Couples Therapy, a good therapist will listen carefully to what each partner is saying and reflect back what she hears. She can gently challenge misunderstandings, draw attention to what appear to be ‘put downs’ through language or body or facial expressions. She can also offer simple techniques which facilitate better communication.

Couples seek help at many different stages of their relationship. Even when all hope of reconciliation seems to be lost, progress can be made.

If your relationship appears to be crumbling or you are feeling upset, undervalued or unheard, then do seek help before the final breaking point is reached. Problems can almost always be resolved in a safe neutral environment with the support of a skilled counselling session.

Visit www.mindtochange.co.uk to find out how to access couples counselling, either face to face or via Skype