April, 2015


You may be interested to hear about a client I saw recently. She came because she suffers from  Trichotillomania, or hair pulling. This young woman could spend up to 6 hours pulling out individual hairs. Apart from the huge waste of time, she had developed a stiff neck and bad back because she leant forward to allow her hair to hang so that she could pull it.

This is the second client I have successfully treated for this problem and both told me that they firstly identified ‘different’ hairs which needed pulling. The individual hair might be thicker or a bit corkscrewed – whatever it’s different characteristics, it needed to be pulled. Of course, ultimately this results in bald or thin patches or a very sore scalp.

In both cases the problem was cured with just two sessions of hypnotherapy – a very effective treatment for any type of habit disorder – nail biting, scratching or even unconscious tics or tremors.

Maybe you know someone with a similar problem. If so, I have the skills and experience to help.. I work face to face with clients in the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere of my therapy room or via Skype.