Seasonal Affective Disorder

Despite a lovely few days of autumn sunshine, the reality is that winter is just around the corner with short, dark and dismal days ahead. This often brings on low mood and affects many people – more than you might think – particularly after the bustle of Christmas and New Year is over and we are faced with 3 more months of cold weather.

Our problems, which vanished in the warm sunshine, creep back to haunt us again and it’s easy to get down and depressed.

If you or someone you know is beginning to feel low and anxious, perhaps for no obvious reason, then a relaxing session of hypnotherapy in a calm and comfortable atmosphere may be the ideal tonic to set them up and see them through the approaching winter.

Just one session can access long buried issues – problems the client may not even be consciously aware of but which are contributing to a general feeling of unease and depression.

It’s time to set yourself up for the cold dark days ahead – let Mind to Change change your mind for you.