How our past can hold us back.

In these blog posts I try to give a flavour of the kind of issues hypnotherapy can help with.

We are all products of our childhood our upbringing or our early experiences. For some people these can be traumatic and can leave us with deep rooted limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours which we just seem to keep repeating.

If in our early lives we may have been given the message that we are useless: stupid, fat, not good enough, ugly. These ingrained beliefs can prevent us from doing well at school or at work, making friends or establishing healthy relationships. We often marry our fathers, for example and consequently suffer again the same abuse we did as children.

However ingrained they may be, these damaging beliefs can be reframed or removed completely with a course of hypnotherapy.

So if your past is holding you back, still damaging your life today, then so seek help from a hypnotherapist. The changes can be amazing.